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Commercial Roofing 

Your #1 Gainesville GA commercial roofing company provides premium commercial roofing repair, roof replacements, and roof installation. In addition to that, we offer free roof inspections and maintenance, as well as full roof restoration and commercial roof coating installations.  We have a team of highly skilled, reliable, and certified Gainesville GA roofers who will deal with all of your commercial roofing needs, from providing free estimates to conducting emergency roof repairs after hail damage or storm damage. 

We will make sure your building is in the best possible condition and enhance the quality, durability, and lifespan of your roof. When you choose us for your commercial roofing needs, we will ensure that you have the best outcome in a timeline that suits your busy schedule.

Commercial Roof Repair 

Has your business been hit by a storm leaving you with a damaged roof? If you have, you are going to need a commercial roof repair.  Even if your property has not been affected by a storm, to insure your roof is working properly you should get annual roof maintenance. When you are in need of a commercial roof repair, Perimeter Roofing Gainesville GA is the commercial roofing contractor for the job. Let us serve your business with the highest quality commercial roofing services near Gainesville GA!

Common Signs You Need A Commercial Roof Repair 

  • Clogged drains
  • Raising energy bill
  • Sagging areas on roof 
  • Water leaks or moldy smells 
  • Bubbles or blisters in roofing material 
  • Damaged or missing flashing 

Commercial Roof Replacement 

Commercial roofs must work dependably for their important role in the safety and protection of your business. When the time comes that you need roof repair, it can be an expensive, stressful process. Our team at Perimeter Roofing Gainesville has learned the best ways to make commercial roof replacement go smoothly, with our years of experience and focus on excellent customer service. When it comes to your roof, there may be times when the damage is so extensive or your roof is so old that commercial roof replacement is the best investment. We’ll discuss your options and how a new roof would look. We’d be happy to discuss commercial roof replacement with you and discover the best option for your business.

We Also Do Commercial Roofing!


Commercial Coatings Gainesville GA

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a full commercial roof restoration and commercial coating services in Gainesville GA. We use high-quality coating solutions to increase your roof’s longevity, durability, and quality. Roof coatings are also very important for overall water and fire resistance to protect your building during a disaster. Our commercial roofing team will make sure your property is fully protected from the outside elements.

If your commercial roofing system is experiencing any type of damages or has been hit by a storm or fire, we have the best solutions for full roof restoration. We will apply the best commercial coatings and enhance the roof’s quality and extend the overall life of your roof.  With our team of commercial roofing contractors on your side, we’ll ensure that your commercial roofing lasts for decades to come!

Let Us Handle Insurance! 

Anytime you need work done on your roof, it is already a headache by itself. Let us take a load off your shoulders by helping you file a claim to your insurance company. We will work directly with your insurance to get the best coverage for any commercial roof repairs or replacements that you need. We have created a relationship with almost every insurance company you can think of! Call us today so we can get started with your commercial roof inspection!