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Roof Replacement

Is your roof old or does it have vegetation stains? If so, you need a roof replacement. Here at Perimeter Roofing Gainesville GA, we can provide your home with the best roof replacement. We have over 20 years of experience in the roof replacement industry, and we are fully prepared to handle any roof replacement we are given. Whether you have a metal, flat, or asphalt shingles roof, Perimeter Roofing Gainesville GA can get the job done. When you are in need of a roof replacement in Gainesville GA, trust Perimeter Roofing to get it done! Schedule your roof replacement with Perimeter Roofing Gainesville GA today!

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When To Schedule Roof Replacement

Determining the best time to schedule your roof replacement can be a difficult process. One of the clearest signs is if your roof is reaching 20 years of age. Your roof is only built to last 20-25 years so when your roof is reaching 20 years, it is best to schedule a roof replacement before it becomes critical. Your roof’s aging also depends on the area you are in, the type of roof you have, and the amount of maintenance you have performed throughout the years. If your roof is not reaching an older age, here are some other signs you can look out for to determine if a roof replacement is best for you. 

  • Bare shingles without granules 
  • Missing, cracked, or broken shingles
  • General unsightly appearance 
  • Moss or algae stains 
  • Curled or busted shingles 

If your home is experiencing any of the listed problems, you will need to schedule a roof inspection. Our technicians know exactly what to look for during a roof replacement inspection, and can help you find the best solution for your home. Trust Perimeter Roofing Gainesville GA to handle your roof replacement!

Benefits of a New Roof

  • Better Energy Efficiency- Having a roof that is old or is missing shingles can lead to your home having leaks. When your home is experiencing roof leaks, it can cause your energy bills to increase. That’s why a roof replacement will help increase the energy efficiency in your home. This will also help you lower your heating and cooling costs. 
  • Upgrade Curb Appeal- A roof replacement will leave your home looking brand new again. A roof replacement will increase your curb appeal tremendously, and bring life to your home’s exterior. 
  • Enhanced Home Value- If you are looking to sell your home, having a roof replacement will increase your home’s value. A roof replacement is a great investment into your home’s future.

Roof Installation Near Gainesville GA

There is only one roofing company in Gainesville GA that you can trust to provide your home with a quality roof replacement. We offer dependable and quality workmanship each time we are called. If you are looking for roof installation near Gainesville GA, call Perimeter Roofing Gainesville to get it done! 

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