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What Are the Biggest Risks of Delaying Roof Repair?

Of all the household tasks on your checklist, maintaining and promptly fixing your roof in Gainesville GA should always come first. 

Why? Because even the slightest leak could pose a serious health hazard, as well as significant structural damage. Calling your best Atlanta GA residential roof repair contractors on time will help you avoid all that.

Roofing leaks can be caused by various factors, from improper maintenance and storm damage to faulty roof installation. Constant water perforation could eventually reach your attic, interior walls, and end up damaging your entire foundation. If this happens, you’ll need roof leak repair quickly.

Delaying roof repair can, therefore, lead to many unnecessary risks and these are some of the biggest ones.

Mold Growth

This is one of the most serious consequences of delaying roof repair. Over time, a leaky roof can cause mold, which could, in turn, penetrate every opening of your home and spread to furnishing, carpeting, and your clothes.

Continual water intrusion could further lead to black mold, which is the most hazardous kind. This could damage your floor coverings, ceiling tiles, and walls but above all, pose serious health risks. 

In addition to that, once it spreads, it is very difficult and costly to get rid of mold.

Electrical Damage

If moisture reaches the outlets in your ceiling, your electrical cables or walls, the damage could be irreparable. It can vary from severely wrecked appliances, all the way to an electrical fire, or worse.

Delaying roof repair, therefore, leads to unnecessary electrical risks that can easily be avoided with proper maintenance and quality control.

Calling your number one Atlanta GA roofing specialists on time will reduce the chances of water gathering in your home and getting in contact with your wiring.

Damaged Insulation

Pooling water on your roof and walls can soak your insulation, which could result in damaged and reduced insulation in your attic. 

Most homeowners resort to fiberglass to insulate their homes, which is a durable and resistant material, but even then, there’s a risk of reduced insulation if your roof is faulty and in need of a repair.

Moreover, continual exposure to seeping water will cause your insulation to clump up and completely lose its efficacy. On top of that, your electrical bill will suffer as well, as you’ll need to turn up your AC to keep it working at a desired temperature. 

This can all be easily avoided by regular and proper roof maintenance, as well as timely residential roof repair.

Ceiling Damage

When there’s a roof leak, the first thing that’s usually affected is the downstairs of your home. 

But if you’re dealing with a significant leak, the ceilings are at risk, too, and that’s when you should call our experts at Perimeter Roofing for a swift repair!

Some of the clear signs of an issue are a darkened ceiling color and plasters on your ceiling increasing in size. The pooling water could also damage the paint and reach the plaster on the surrounding walls. If you notice any of these signs, don’t hesitate to schedule roof leak repair

risks of delaying roof repair

Fire Hazard

Another serious consequence of a leaky roof that you may not expect is a risk of fire. Electrical wires run through your attic and the leaky water can reach the light fixtures and wiring. This is likely to result in sparks that could cause an actual fire.

If you’ve noticed a leak, you should immediately turn off electricity in the surrounding areas and contact licensed professionals for expert advice. Even the smallest leak could cause considerable damage to your home.

Risk of Falling

A small drip from your roof can quickly turn into a giant puddle of water on your floor. This presents a risk of slipping and falling, which is a serious issue for homeowners with young children.

This may not be an enormous issue altogether, but it’s problematic nevertheless, as you still need to dry up all the water to avoid any accidents or mishaps. 

Call Perimeter Roofing – your number one roofing specialist in Atlanta GA and our team will gladly fix any of your roofing issues, no matter how big or small.

Premature Roof Failure 

If you don’t identify and fix your roofing issues on time, that can, in turn, lead to premature roof failure. The damages get more serious, spreading to the underlying structures of your roof, sometimes causing irreparable damages, leading to complete roof replacements.

Premature roof failure can easily be prevented by calling your best residential roof repair contractors at Perimeter Roofing. Our specialists will suggest the most effective preventative steps and keep your roof safe and sound!


The best way to prevent any of these unnecessary and serious risks is by taking good care of your roof and promptly addressing any issues. That includes regular roof inspections and proper maintenance.

Our expert professionals specialize in all types of residential roof repair, so don’t hesitate to contact us for any of your roofing needs. We will help get your home back in top shape and answer any questions you may have. Feel free to call us anytime!

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